Don’t Mess With God’s Kids! – PART 2

No matter how bad things seem to be in the world right now–KNOW THIS:


ROMANS 8:28 (NIV):

“And we know that in all things God works for then good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

EZEKIEL 26:2-14, 17-18 – The Nation-city of Tyre.

This is a troubling passage of Scripture which I believe has a message for us all today.

The Nation-city of TYRE was a financially powerful seaport located on an island off the coast of Lebanon.

The city was very populous at the time of Jesus and the inhabitants may have numbered larger than Jerusalem.

In the past, relations between Israel and Tyre (Capital City of Phoenicia) had been generally good.  But there had been moments of tension in economic matters.   If the EDOMITES had taken advantages of Judah’s battle with the Babylonians plundering from the south-east(Obadiah 13-14), the Phoenicians (Tyre and Sidon) were guilty of the same thing by over-running Judah from the north-west.

Don’t Mess With God’s Kids!

VERSE 2 – “Son of man, because Tyre has said against Jerusalem, Aha!  She is broken that has been the gate of the people; she is open to me [Tyre]; I shall become full now that she is desolate and a wasteland”  (Amplified Bible)

They laughed (“Aha!”) at the people of God [His kids] and their problems and as a result…


VERSE 3 – God would bring destruction on TYRE.  Many nations would come against this city-state.

VERSE 4 and 9 – The walls of the city would be broken down as well as their towers of defense they were known for.

VERSE 5 – “Her island in the midst of the sea shall become a place for the spreading of nets, for I have spoken it, says the Lord God; and she shall become a prey and a spoil tom the nations”  (Amplified Bible).

[This eventually occurred in a literal way, however, Tyre has recovered some from its destruction in our time.]

VERSE 6 – Tyre’s “daughters” were her towns and villages she established on the mainland.

VERSE 7 – Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, would attack Tyre and yet the ultimate destruction for the Nation-city came several years later from the armies of Alexander the Great.

Is there Symbolism In Tyre for America?  Has our country turned their backs on Israel in siding with the “Palestinians” claims?  Have our reactions directed by untruths of the Middle East been “Aha!”?

New York City has always been a financially powerful and very populous city situated on an island.  In 2001, the World Trade Center Towers towered above everything else on Manhattan Island and really seen as a symbol of America.

Those towers represented the strengths, the financial power of this country and really of the FREE WORLD with businesses from twenty=five countries having offices in the buildings.

The Towers and the Walls of the City of Tyre Would Be Broken Down’496-7-glass-machine

Babylon would attack the daughter villages of Tyre and bring down the supposedly indestructible towers of this powerful, wealthy city-Nation.

The ‘Babylonian Terrorist’ not only attacked us but the daughter villages of FREEDOM and CIVILIZATION across this world.

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 13, 2001: (SEPTEMBER 11 RETROSPECTIVE) New York City firefighters look at the destroyed facade of the World Trade Center September 13, 2001, two days after the twin towers were destroyed when hit by two hijacked passenger jets in a terrorist attack. (Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)
NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 13, 2001: (SEPTEMBER 11 RETROSPECTIVE) New York City firefighters look at the destroyed facade of the World Trade Center September 13, 2001, two days after the twin towers were destroyed when hit by two hijacked passenger jets in a terrorist attack. (Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

I believe God has and is giving us a POWERFUL WARNING in 2017.

America has turned away from God for the most part.  As Anne Graham Lotz said her father Billy Graham told her after the September 11th, 2001 attack:

“God has removed His hand of BLESSING from America.”


Because AMERICA has been giving ‘lip service’ to God; laughing at God’s kids and shaking their fists at God.

There is not a completely safe place from every terror threat and enemy for us upon this earth.  But there is a TOWER of Strength and Safety available for us to run to:

Proverbs 18:10 (AMP):

The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the [consistently] righteous man [upright and in right standing with God] runs into it and is safe, high [above evil] and strong.

The sins of the Nations have not altogether been dealt with yet; for some, their iniquity is only now coming perilously close to the edge.

But soon, and very soon, God will rise and destroy the proud and arrogant; those whose confidence has been placed on the material things in this world.

A Falling From Fame and Fortune (Ezekiel 28:20-26)


Sidon was the second largest city of ancient Phoenicia after Tyre and about twenty-five miles to the north on the Mediterranean coast; by New Testament times Sidon and Tyre were often joined together (Matthew 11:21-22; 15:21).

There’s no immediate reason for Sidon’s JUDGMENT, but I am assuming that the city had economically and politically sided with Tyre, perhaps contributing to Judah’s downfall to the Babylonians.

[Additional Scriptures on SIDON:  Acts 12:20; Genesis 10:15, 19; Luke 10:13; Mark 3:8; 7:31; Joshua 13:6].

Have you ever wondered where your parents came up with their ideas in child-rearing and the metaphors we used with our own kids?  “People will judge you by the company you keep”.  

So based on those words, if you keep company or friendships with EVIL, you will also suffer the same consequences as Sidon found out.

The Ever Loving Father’s Reminder to His “Kids” (Ezekiel 28:24-25):

[24] “No longer will the people of Israel have malicious neighbours who are painful briers and sharp thorns.  Then they will know that I am the Sovereign LORD.

[25] “This is what the Sovereign LORD says: When I gather the people of Israel from the nations where they have been scattered, I will be proved holy through them in the sight of the nations.  Then they will live in their own land, which I gave to my servant Jacob.

Although the bible verses in Ezekiel are referring to the nation of Israel, it also a great reminder to the children of God in the world today–HIS KIDS (Romans 11:11-31).

He is reminding ISRAEL…and us, that He still loves them and there is a good future ahead for them.

As today, our Heavenly Father is not through with the Jewish people–He will RESTORE them!

*[“Don’t Mess With God’s Kids!” continues with PART 3, The Nation of Egypt And Their Judgment.]

*NOTE: For Credits and Footnotes see PART 1

PHOTO CREDITS: Google Image Search

6 thoughts on “Don’t Mess With God’s Kids! – PART 2

  1. What you have said here about 9/11 is very similar to the message of Jonathan Cahn’s book, ‘The Harbinger’. On the positive side, America does now appear to be changing direction in its policy towards Israel, although obviously it is still early days yet, and we do not fully know how the official policies of the new administration will develop. What is really needed is an acknowledgement that there is absolutely no validity at all to the Palestinian claims and that the Jewish people are entitled to 100% of the land west of the Jordan River (and much of the land to the east too – but one thing at a time!).


    1. Here, here! I too have read The Harbinger. My views on 911 come from a variety of sources, but that did have some influence. I hope America is moving away from a two state policy in Israel. But then again, I don’t think it is a lasting position. But then I digress. Thanks Matthew for the read.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It would help if Israel was brave enough to say that there is nothing to negotiate with the Palestinians for, they weaken their cause when they state securities concerns etc. The point is, do the Palestinians have a valid claim to part of the land or not.


  2. Hi Mel, great research and profound application. I enjoy following you on this series, please don’t stop ! I so much believe that any nations or people against Israel are doing that at their own peril. I strongly reject replacement theology some people preach, saying Christian have replaced Israel and God has nothing to do with them any more. Nothing could be further from the truth. God loves them and He will restore them at the appointed time. God bless….

    Liked by 1 person


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