“BUZZ IN or BUZZ OFF” – Are You Listening?


I’ve been reading of late in the Book of Isaiah where I came upon the verse recorded in  the above picture.  I get my inspirations from Holy Spirit when reading in God’s Word and this topic was not an exception.

Sometimes God speaks to us in truths both bitter and sweet at the same time.  He speaks to us in terms of both a warning and of comfort at the same time with an unequaled knack of doing this throughout the Bible.

We can hear Him speaking that exact way in Isaiah 7:18:

And in that day the Lord shall whistle for the fly 

[the numerous and troublesome foe]

that is the whole extent of the canal country of Egypt and

for the bee that is in the land of Assyria.

Isaiah’s Time of World History:

This place in time was about 700 years before the birth of Jesus Christ, the Messiah [Isaiah 7:14].  Egypt and Assyria [4-countries of Northern Iraq, Northwestern Iran, Southeast Turkey and Eastern Syria], were formidable military powers who were great threats to the children of God and the whole world.

God gives a clear warning to His rebellious, disobedient, wicked, idolatrous people who have abandoned the Lord :

Ah, sinful nation, a people loaded with iniquity, offspring of evildoers, sons who deal corruptly!  They have forsaken the Lord, they have despised and shown contempt and provoked the Holy One of Israel to anger, they have become utterly estranged (alienated)”  (Isaiah 1:4 AMP).

These nations will come and consume and devastate their land like armies of locusts.

This is not like human parent’s traditional “over-the-knee” spanking of naughty children.

The words of God through His prophet were a “all-consuming judgement”!  Not the “feel-good, smiley-faced preachers and prophets” of the modern world; the “no-spanking churches” who refuse to preach it or allow it to be preached.  But instead, recommend to God a far milder, much more gentle recommendations, like heart-to-heart talks in private.  “We don’t want to offend anyone” approach to the Gospel.

Now That Is The Bitter News–but the Sweet News in all…God has these nations totally under His control, like whistle-trained dogs. 



The word pictures presented by God through Isaiah, is describing entire nations.   Their formidable might is not a casual but Divinely intentional.  The greater significance here is that God likens entire nations military prowess to a single fly and a single bee.

Today’s “Super Powers!”

There is only one “Super Power” in the world and His name is “Almighty God”.  

Compared to God, all the so-called “Super Powers” in this world [including the U.S.A.] are nothing but ‘small fry’, ‘squirts’, “pipsqueaks”.  They’re insignificant!

America and their politicians gloated for years that “America is the greatest Super Power in the world.”  What a joke!  America is in fact, compared to God, not even a “Superfly” a “Superbee” but just a fly or a bee, take your pick!

That is the joke God laughs at when He says in Psalm 2:1, 4:

WHY DO the nations assemble with commotion,

and why do the people imagine (meditate upon and devise) an empty scheme?

He who sits in the heavens laughs; the Lord has them in derision

[and in supreme contempt He mocks them].

God is enabling us to see the activities of the nations of the world from the Divine perspective and not from television or newspaper’s commentaries we seemed to hold as the gospel truths.

God views entire nations of the world and each one of those nations, whether it be the United States of America, China, Russia, Iran or whatever nation, as but a fly and a bee whose demise is but one God-swat away!


Egypt and Assyria are the nations mentioned; they don’t know God, nor do they want to know Him.  Here is Jehovah God, commanding at will to these aforementioned nations or any nation on earth, to simply “Buzz In” or “Buzz Off” to accomplish His purposes anywhere or anytime.  Can you even imagine this picture?  The modern day’s anarchist, swarming nations of the world, being reduced by God to nothing more than a common House Fly or a Honey Bee.

To mankind, the tumult going on, the fire power of nations in the world is like ‘sonic booms’ exploding in our thought process.  To God, it is no more than the “zzz” of a fly or bee.

By the Way, Insects Don’t Live Very Long!

Answers.com states that flies and bees average lifespan don’t live for more than 60-90 days, many insects much less than that.  However, the Queen Bee may live up to 3-5 years to reestablish the hive and colony, but then she too then dies.  However, the insects so often do make a big noise and nuisance about themselves while they are still alive.

So rulers and their nations who are blinded with pride, sickened by their revenge on the guiltless, are like many rulers throughout history like…Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin.  Mistaking themselves as predators; LIONS, when in fact they were and are ‘little bugs’ living out their lives on earth until ‘squashed’ by Almighty God.  A current example might be when Saddam Hussein was found and captured hiding  in a small hole in the ground, like an insect.  Or when Gaddafi was found hiding along side a desert road ditch, pleading with the rebels not to shoot; they shot him dead.

The rulers may sting others for awhile, only to be stung to death like the little buzzing bees they really are.  Then the “zzz” is silenced forever!  Am I saying that we can ignore the murder of the innocent going on in the world today?  NEVER!  Neither should our national leaders which in fact shamefully did and are doing.  That ought to cause us great concern and disgust.


The truth is not only here for our calmness, but serves as a warning as well.

Isaiah 7:18 reveals something that’s not easily related to God, that God is a whistling God.  Specifically, God whistles for nations, Isaiah says “the Lord will whistle for the fly that is in the remotest part of the rivers of Egypt, and for the bees, that is in the land of Assyria.”

Here are two nations, at the sound of the whistling God, come running!

I remember when I was growing up in the early 1950’s, being enticed by a forbidden wilderness in the back of our rental unit.  I would stare out the back window in the mornings with curtains drawn, almost hearing a distant call, “Mel, adventures are awaiting.  Come and be fulfilled with joy!”  But my parents set down rules were quite clear…”Absolutely Not!  We want to be able to see you and hear where you are.  It’s just too far away.”  That rule for a eight to ten year old is like a sign on a freshly painted front porch which reads, DON’T TOUCH–WET PAINT!  You’ve got to touch it, regardless of the consequences.

One day, in my rebellious spirit, I had to venture out on ‘a canyon expedition’ with some friends.  About a mile in, I stop short and said to the others, “I’ve got to get back home, NOW!”  One friend said, “Why NOW?”  To his surprise and disbelief, I said “Because I can hear my mom’s WHISTLE!”  He shook his head and said, “You can’t possibly hear a whistle from this distance.”  Never-the-less, I hastily headed back home…alone.  And with no surprise, there mom was at the edge of the canyon rim, holding a personally selected Eucalyptus ‘switch’ , the weapon of choice in her hand.  Disobedience has only temporary joy but the reward of punishment is inevitable!

Why do the two nations come running?

To do the bidding of God, fulfill His global purposes!  Amazing!!

What is more amazing, they don’t even know they are doing the will of Jehovah-El yon, God most high.  Even when we whistle for our dogs, they often won’t obey; they don’t come and many times run the other way.

God whistles for entire nations, who respond to the will of God marching in step and in formation.  Have you ever tried to whistle for a fly or bee to come to you?  Lots of luck.

Nations and armies of the world, the flies and the bees, don’t realize that ultimately, their Whistle-commanding General, the Lord of hosts, the WHISTLE TRAINER OF THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD will respond!


In the case presented in Isaiah 7, it’s to bring judgement upon the Jewish people and the holy land because they had turned away from God, forgotten about Him.  They had given themselves over to false gods.

The principle repeats itself throughout all of Scripture:

“God will employ any nation He chooses to give

any God-less and wicked Nation a Sound SPANKING,

Whenever and however He wills.”

If you miss that principle in history, you are disqualified from being a historian.  Former President George W. Bush said more than once:  “America doesn’t need a permission slip from the United Nations in order to defend itself.”  And America’s politicians…neither does the Nation of Israel need our permission to defend themselves.

Heaven’s High Court.

Certainly God doesn’t need the endorsement of earth to carry out judgement in heaven anywhere, at any time, by any means, against anyone!  It’s not the United Nations, but in Heaven’s High Court of Justice, where kings and kingdoms are arraigned, tried, and righteously judged.

History Repeats Itself:

This principle has been carried out by God over and over again throughout the history of the world we live in.  The ancient proud city of Tyre who was seen as a prosperous city.

According to historical testimony, Tyre was on the mainland.  Bit in course of time, for safety against besiegers, relocated to a neighboring island.   The people of Tyre became so proud and self-confident in their existence, they equated themselves with Divinity.

Then God goes on to say in Ezekiel 28:7-8″ :

“Because your heart is lifted up and you have said and thought, I am god, I sit in the seat of the gods, in the heart of the seas…”

Today, nothing remains of the glory of Tyre; first captured by the Muslims and later reduced to a pile of stones.  He that has ears, let him hear what the Spirit of God is saying to America!

6 thoughts on ““BUZZ IN or BUZZ OFF” – Are You Listening?

  1. This post was amazing Mel, I was laughing, nodding and saying ‘Amen’ all at once. Yes, your post puts it into perspective that all the so called rulers and powers of the earth are nothing compared to El Elyon they are just insects and puppets on a string doing His bidding. I love psalm 2 because it shows that God just laughs at them, there they are plotting and planning their worst and God is laughing!!! It makes my spirit ‘buzzzz’ to think that this is the God we serve and the God we call Abba. Awesome praise Yah!!!


  2. I have never heard a treatment on God’s whistling like this. Wow. God’s power over all the nations is so huge – but to compare nations to a bee or a fly, now that puts it into perspective! Thanks, Mel.


  3. As always I learn so much from Mel’s posts. I agree that with the issue or preachers who try and sugar-coast God’s Word. Fearful of offending anyone, they talk about the fuzzy feel good parts of God’s promises, but gloss over the very serious repercussions of ignoring God’s wrath. The day will come when nations will be swatted like flies because they thought they were as powerful as God. It’s time for us to listen for the buzzing because the fly-swatter can’t be far behind. Praise Jesus that because of His amazing love for us we are saved from the finality of God’s wrath!



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