Quick Thoughts on The News this morning!

1 Timothy 2::1-4

I was having my devotions this morning and afterwords, the Holy Spirit quietly spoke into my inner ear, “When you pray this morning Mel, pray from the ’12 Powerful Prayers for 2012′ card you received from church this past week.”

I was in somewhat of a quandary at Holy Spirit’s prompting, for which one of the prayers did He want me to focus on?  I immediately was directed to #11: “Pray for Our Nation and Our World to Find Hope in Troubled Times.”

Because of my personality, I am most likely to flare up over headlines in the news that butt heads with Christian principles and the Word of God; the Bible.

Here are a few examples from many that are in the news headlines today:

Washington State Senate approves same-sex marriage bill (Seattle Times).

Komen Foundation reverses decision on funding Planned Parenthood (Google News).

When I take notice of these types of headlines, if I could, I would start pulling  hair out of my head in frustration and anger.  But since that is physically impossible, I just shake my head and point my finger at the politicians and people who are in authority and with high responsibility in this nation of America.

I asked myself, ‘My heavenly Father’s heart must be aching over His people’s decisions to overturn His Word and be in rebellion. How does He want me to react and pray over this Nation?”  Is there a right reaction on my part Lord in all of this? 

And His answer to my questions came from His Word this way:

“FIRST OF all, then, I admonish and urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be offered on behalf of all men.  For kings and all who are in authority or high responsibility, that [outwardly] we may pass a quiet and undisturbed life [and inwardly] a peaceable one in all godliness and reverence and seriousness in every way.  For such [praying] is good and right, and [it is] pleasing and acceptable to God our Savior,  Who wishes all men to be saved and [increasingly] to perceive and recognize and discern and know precisely and correctly the [divine] Truth”  (1 Timothy 2:1-4 AMP).

WOW, have I and perhaps you, been reacting and praying about what is going on in the world today wrongly?  Have our prayers been acceptable to God and Savior on the things going on around us?  Has my temper-tantrums been all wrong?

Notice in the first verse, it mentions 4 types of prayer: petitions, prayers, intercessions and thanksgivings.  Now I don’t want to take the time this morning in discussing the different forms or types of PRAYER.  But I do want to point out the urging from the apostle Paul in offering these prayers, is on behalf of ALL men; that is believers, those who have a relationship in Christ Jesus and non-believers who do not.  You might be thinking right now, “Are you kidding me? Pray for the men in the Seattle Times photo?”  Always remember the love of the sinner and NOT the sin.  I have to remind myself of that every time I watch the news on television.  Then why do you watch the news.  How else can we specifically know how to pray for our leaders?

So the next time you and I see or hear of a report that strikes a match in our hearts; to anger, to disgust, to yelling out loud and stomping our spiritual feet, “That no good, blanket y blank, blank politician”, STOP and think about what is said in 1 Timothy 2:1-4.

THERE, I feel much better.  How about you?


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