Thoughts In A Bottle!

Thoughts In A Bottle!

I had just finished my morning’s devotions [reading God’s Word], meditating on His words, until they spoke to me.  Then spent some time in prayer; asking Him with my mouth and not just with my thoughts.  “Lord, what do you want me to share with others today?  Tell me from your Word.”  Then, pulling out my high -back fake leather chair, I moved to my desk and sat down at the computer; looked to my right and there, perched on a shelf as it always is was God’s answer!  In a bottle.

Thirteen years ago, Dianne and I went on our first cruise vacation to the Caribbean for ten days.  Our last stop on the ship that year was Puerto RicoAlthough this wasn’t my favorite destination to visit ever, it was an island my wife had been anxiously looking to visit for most of her life.  Her dad was born there and she always desired to go there one day and here we were.  And now…here we were!

We didn’t have much time in Port that day, about four hours as I remember, but we wanted to see as much of San Juan as we could.  To my surprise, the first thing Dianne wanted to do was to take her shoes off and walk through the sand and down to the water.  My first thought was some what ‘selfish’; okay mostly selfish.  I casually said, “With our limited time here, shouldn’t we go into town and do what a typical tourist does?”  Her answer was quick and to the point and with a big smile on her face she said, “We will have time to go into town but I want to bring back home some beach sand from Puerto Rico, a memento of where my dad was born.”  And what does all this have to do with answered prayer?

Sitting on a small shelf at my desk is a bottle of sand, with a cork in the top, and Dianne’s hand written tag attached:

How Precious to me

Are Your thoughts

O God!

How Vast is the

Sum of them.

Were I to count them

They would outnumber

The grains of Sand!

Psalm 139:17-19

I find myself ‘stumped’  at times regarding ideas and topics to blog about when it comes to God’s Word.  “What thoughts Lord do you want me to bring forth this week?  What is the message You want me to share with others?”

The sand in the bottle from a distant seashore is always the answer to my prayer and I will look to His Word for encouragement. 


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