God Liked David’s House Better (Part 2)

The “Blue Flame” of God’s Presence

THE KEY OF FAVOR continued,

“God really doesn’t want to be separated from us!”  God liked David’s house better, better than any others built-in His name.

Nothing separated mankind from God’s “Blue Flame“.  The only thing encircling God’s presence in David’s Tabernacle were the worshipers.  Ministers worshipping 24/7–365 days of the year for an estimated 36 years.


King David would arise in the middle of the night from royal insomnia and hear chanting, singing, cymbals clanging from the tabernacle.  He would look out his balcony window to the hillside near his quarters and see shuffling feet dancing around the Ark of the Covenant.  It was illuminated by flickering candlelight and lamps.

That experience probably inspired David to write these words:

“Bless the Lord all you servants of the Lord, who by night stand in the house of the Lord!  Lift up your hands in the sanctuary, and bless the Lord”

Seeing the blue glow, the angle just right where worshipers would move just so and the glory of God radiating between their arms and dancing feet.


Sometimes intimate encounters might seem embarrassing on the stage of man.  American Christianity is littered with barren churches who turned their backs on the intimacy of worship.  Modern-day Michal s [David’s wife] have chosen to value dignity over intimacy with the deity.  I am not talking about being ‘spookey’ in worship but genuine intimacy.

What David wasn’t looking for was gold; he had plenty; or a box he could have others built.  Or artifacts in the box; nice mementos of God to others coming before his time.  He had no fascination in them at all.

What David WAS looking for was the “blue flame” of God’s glory; the hottest and most intense part of the fire.  By his actions, David was saying, “I hate to learn about just how to carry that blue flame.”  David wanted more of Him; David want to carry the blue flame, period!

If we are not carrying the “Blue Flame”, God isn’t pleased.  No “flame” indicates no fire with the eventual results of barren buildings and hollow hearts.  If this is your church, someone needs to say, “It’s COLD in here”.  That’s why people are leaving, so lets turn up the heat; the heart of worship.


Somewhere in the process of transporting the ark and honoring God, David began to value things that God values.  David also learned something in the handling of the Blue Flame; something that moved him beyond the limitations of Priestly protocols of Moses.  The shepard-worshiper changed his whole concept of worship.

After the exhausted Levites reached the temporary tent of David, he proclaimed a message to the priests who had gathered around the king.  Someday, I hope to do something better than this tent.  BUT in the “meantime”, this is how we are going to worship.  What are you doing in “the meantime”?

The Levites weren’t done as yet.  They lowered the Ark of the Covenant from their shoulders to the designated position in the tent of David.  Thinking that the job was done, they all began to leave; then David said, “Where are you going?  You’re not leaving.”


When we are tired and in disobedience, the “BUTs” or excuses enter into our response; the Levite priests were no exception:

–“BUT” there isn’t a veil present.

–“BUT” there isn’t a Holy of Holies place.

–“BUT” we are ‘pooped’!

–“BUT” besides, who are we staying here for?  King David?


“It’s not for me that I ask you to stay and worship. It’s for God’s sake. “An audience of one“.  “He wants us to worship continually.”

In wanting to attract God’s attention on Sunday mornings, there can often be a hazard.  Once He visits us, once we sense His presence, we might say, “Hi, glad You came–gotta go now”, then leave.  Too often we want ‘just enough’ in our place of worship; giving us a ‘tingle’ or a ‘chill’ during the praise and worship set-aside time.  We say, “Oh, He’s here!” and that is good.  The question is, “Will He stay?”  David wasn’t content with a temporary visitation.


People in this society flock to these 24/7 opened convenience stores to fulfill their earthly needs; Nachos at 1 A.M.  Often, church sanctuaries in America go mostly unused during the week except maybe two evenings per week.

At the church Dianne and I have been attending for the past five months, Pastor Andrew has started a special time of unorganized prayer and worship and calls it, Ignite. Praise music is quietly heard in the background while people come and go during that special time of worship and prayer.  I am not advocating that church sanctuaries be opened 24/7, 365 days per year.  Worship then becomes mechanical and God doesn’t want that.  It’s really about the passion of the heart of those in attendance.  My prayer, “Lord, I need a more passionate heart during the week.”


David’s tabernacle became God’s favorite house because of who worshiped there!  Just like 6980 Fulton St. of Linda Vista, in San Diego, California was to me.  Not because of the massive Eucalyptus trees to climb in; not the basketball hoop nail to a tree; not the wild adventurous canyon jaunts, but because who lived in the house.  Mom, dad, my brother–FAMILY.

God just wants to be with His kids.  A stable will do; it worked in Bethlehem and Azusa Street.  As King David looked out his window and gazed at his humble tabernacle saying, “Someday, I hope to do better Lord”.  And God’s answer came right back, “A tent will do David.  In the ‘meantime’, just keep your heart hot!”

We have some beautiful sanctuaries around us with hardly anyone on the inside.  There isn’t a “BLUE FLAME“–nothing to see.  We have lost the ability to host the Holy spirit; there isn’t Shekina glory in the churches.  Is it too late?


This past Sunday, our pastor’s message was called “EMPOWERED for the supernatural“. The “blue flame” was ignited and twenty people came to the front of the sanctuary to be baptized in the Holy Spirit.  David’s house is being re-built in our community.  People are being saved, our attendance went from 70 to almost 200 in nine months because of the “blue flame” has grown hotter and brighter.  A woman confessed to Dianne one morning. “Our family has been attending a church in the community for some time. I don’t know why, but God told us to come and we are here!”

Why did God want to rebuild David’s house?  I think it’s because there wasn’t a “veil” or walls of separation.  God wants intimacy between Himself and His people.  He wants to reveal His glory to a lost and dying world.  God has to rebuild the house because He knows man’s hands are tired and weak holding open heaven’s gates by prayer and intercession.

Are we willing to rediscover what David learned?  The Blue Flame in the house of God; God sitting in humble surroundings in His glory; surrounded by His people’s desires of intimacy.  No veils, no walls; nothing like it since man first entered the garden.

Lets turn our faces to God and ask Him what He wants of us.  I did and His answer to my question is the same answer that will change us all forever.




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