WALKING in the Fear of the Lord


In my last blog, I mentioned three of the six men who had the audacity to obey God in their circumstances. As a reminder, I found and uncovered the evidence given in Scripture, that spoke about,

NOAH— Genesis 6:12-15

ABRAHAM— Genesis 22:1-2; 12

ELIJAH— I Kings 17:1-5

ISAIAH— Isaiah 20:1-3

That brings me to two more God Fearing Men who walked in FEARLESS OBEDIENCE.  I am sure you will be able to do your own detective work regarding others mentioned in the Bible who also walked out their lives in “the fear of the Lord”.

Over the last few years, there have been times where God has given me instructions,  which I didn’t want to agree with Him on. One example was a request by a Pastor of a church Dianne and I were attending at the time. The request was for “First Fruit” offerings for the ministry of the church. He told the body to pray about it and gave a date for the gathering of the harvest. When that Sunday arrived, a guest speaker spoke on the differences between a tithe and a First Fruit offering. At the end of his message, people began praying in the Spirit and brought their offering forward, dropping it into a large vat. Dianne quietly asked me if I had an amount in mind to offer and my answer to her was, “I think so.”  I in turn asked her the same question, and she said, “I’ll write the check for the amount you tell me to put down .  At that moment, God’s spirit spoke to my spirit and gave me a dollar amount. I recommend to you at this point, if God tells you to do something, you better go ahead with His plan. I turned to Dianne and said, “God changed my mind about how much to give”. I gave her the amount to write on the check, expecting her eyebrows to rise and to my surprise, she said, “That’s the exact amount the Lord had given me.” We proceeded in our offering with FEARLESS OBEDIENCE to God’s Word.

Hosea 1:1-3 [Read].  “THE WORD of the Lord that came to Hosea…”

The Book of Hosea reveals to us of God’s love for backsliding Israel. God’s message to the prophet Hosea was vividly related to his matrimonial experience. I want to point out to you how Hosea responded to God’s instructions before moving on.

Verse 2 says,  “When the Lord first spoke with and through Hosea, the Lord said to him, Go, take to yourself a wife..”

STOP!  Now to you single men readers out there, wouldn’t it be terrific if God spoke to you and said, “Go, take yourself a wife…” and you’re thinking, “Do You Have someone in mind Lord? I’ve been looking especially for someone You picked out for me.” Let’s read the rest of verse 2:  “…a wife of harlotry and have children of [her] harlotry, for the land commits great whoredom by departing from the Lord.”

Here is where “walking in the fear of the Lord” comes in.  Having the audacity to obey the Lord even when it doesn’t line up with your own thinking. “Right words, right thinking. Wrong wrong words, wrong thinking.”

Verse 3,  “So he went and took…”

Hosea’s reverent fear of God gave him confidence in his obedience. God spoke the word, Hosea received it, then “he went“. That is obedience with action.  No need for Hosea to pray about it. God had already said! Finally, the sixth God-fearing man:

JONAH—Jonah 1:5-6; 9  Jonah knew who he was in the Lord, but …

Jonah was a God-fearing man when the Word of the Lord came to him. Jonah was told to go to a place, and although God had said,  he was in disagreement with the Word. “I must have misunderstood what God was telling me.  Nineveh? You must be kidding me Lord. I think you must have said to go to Tarshish and be Your servant and minister there. Not Ninevah.” [Verse 2]  The word “BUT” in scripture means to “zero out” what was just said.  “BUT Jonah rose up to flee to Tarshish from being in the presence of the Lord [as His prophet] and went down to Joppa and found a ship going to Tarshish [the most remote of the Phoenician trading places then known].” Remember, when you find yourself in disobedience in your walking, consequences will come; for God is a righteous god. And of course Jonah was no exception [verse 4].  Even in his disobedience, Jonah had fearless confidence in who he was in the Lord. Do you need a reminder here, of who you are in Christ Jesus?

Verse 5,  “…BUT Jonah had gone down into the inner part of the ship and had lain down ans was fast asleep.”

Everyone else in the storm was above deck and crying out to their god (spelled with a small “g”) while Jonah was sawing logs in the hole of the ship, seemingly at peace. All the rest of the ship’s crew, including the captain wanted Jonah to give them some answers before they all drowned.

Verse 9,  “And he said to them, I am a Hebrew, and I [reverently] fear and worship the Lord, the God of heaven, Who made the sea and dry land.”

I don’t know if my thinking is right but I think Jonah believed that he was where he was supposed to be. He had convinced himself that he was doing the right thing. God must have meant that he was to be in the storm, with a ship full of unbelievers. It was ‘experiencial evangelism’. That might have made him feel better at the time, but we all know by the rest of Jonah’s story, this was not where God wanted him to be. In Jonah’s disobedience, he comes to realize his mistakes in the “belly of the fish“. In your Christian walk, have you ever felt like you were in the “belly of the fish” and then miraculously remember the Lord in your circumstances?  So did Jonah [chptr. 2:7]. They say that “confession is good for the soul” and it brings needed results.  It sure did for Jonah 2:9-10.

God’s requirements in your Walking in the Fear of the Lord.

What God requires is more than a “requirement”.  I found that Deuteronomy 10:12-13 speaks to this statement:

“And now, Israel, what does the Lord your God require of you but [reverently] to fear the Lord your God, [that is] to walk in His ways, and to love Him, and to serve the Lord your God with all your [mind and] heart and with your entire being.  To keep the commandments of the Lord and His statutes which I command you today for your good?”

1.  God requires you to reverently fear Him; to walk in His ways, not your ways.

2.  God requires you to love Him.

3.  God requires you to serve Him, not to partly love and serve Him; He wants ALL of you!

4.  God requires you to be obedient to what has been said in His Word. 

These four requirements are not for His sake but “for your good”.  As The WORD Detective, I try to substantiate my investigation into what God is telling us by more than one scripture as evidence. In WALKING in the Fear of the Lord, I listed the requirements for “your good” and will reinforce “the WALKING” with Deuteronomy 5:

Verse 29 says,  “Oh, that they had such a [mind and] heart in them always [reverently] to fear Me and keep all of My commandments, that it might go well with them and with their children forever!”

“WALKING in the fear” is again saying it’s for:

1.  My own good.

2.  It will be “well” with me AND my children for just a while? No, “forever!”.

If there is a benefit in your walking in obedience with the fear of the Lord, those two items alone could stand alone.

In the next blog, I will continue with The Benefits given in Walking in the Fear of the Lord. We all like benefits!


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