Understanding the Hand of God

I use the Amplified Version of the Bible in my studies and detective work.  But, I also enjoy reading in the King James [KJV], the New American Standard [NAS] and the New International Version [NIV] as references. In today’s blog, “Understanding the Hand of God“, I noticed a scripture verse in the Amplified Version that was different. NOT in meaning, but in wording. Thus, I pulled out my “Comparative Study BibleA Parallel Bible” to match up with the blog title. Turn to the Book of Acts, Chapter 11 for a comparison study of the different Bible translations.

Verse 21 says in the Amplified Version,  “And the presence of the Lord was with them with power, so that a great number [learned] to believe…”

Verse 21 in the NAS, the NIV, and the KJV reads,  “And the hand of the Lord was with them…”

Does the different versions of scripture contradict one another? NOT at all.  I uncovered facts in my last blog, describing “The Hand of God”,  in how the evidence is used in scripture;  “power“, “might“, “strength“.  So, the differences are in wording only and not in  meaning.  I wanted to point that out for you before continuing today.

“The hand of the Lord”

A lot of people today are letting the devil off to easily or lightly when understanding “the hand of the Lord“.  The devil does not want us to understand the meaning of god’s hand; it limits his controls over your life.

Power expressed in God’s judgement and Power expressed in God’s blessing.

We see in Acts 11:19-21, we can’t be co-dependent on people. Loving people and not co-dependency in our prayers. Stop comparing yourself and belittling your God-given authority by limiting Him when you forget His hand. You are forgetting the anointing or appointing of God’s hand when you’re not walking in LOVE. Now there is nothing wrong when you ask for others to pray for your situation, it’s even Biblical to pray for other believers. BUT everything becomes short circuited when you always depend on others to do the praying. How then, can you receive the confidence given through “understanding”? The answer I found and use is just a step in the remedy of forgetfulness.

8 Steps to Your Destination

As Dr. Creflo Dollar preaches, “Words will produce the way you think“; positively or negatively.  “Wrong words, wrong thinking; wrong thinking, wrong emotions; wrong emotions, wrong decisions; wrong decisions, wrong actions; wrong actions, wrong habits; wrong habits, wrong character, wrong character will lead you to the wrong destination.”  AND “right words, right thinking…” 

I am in partnership with World Changer’s Ministry and carry a small reminder in my wallet of the “8 Steps to Your Destination”. If I find myself making wrong decisions in certain areas of “trusting” God’s hand, I pull out the reminder card and read backwards from “wrong decisions.”  My wrong decisions stem from my wrong emotions, my wrong emotions are coming  from my wrong thinking and my wrong thinking comes from the wrong words I am dealing with the problem; not from God’s Word.

ALL of your understanding is given to you in the 66 bags of seed in your Bible; whatever the translation might be. Read and re-read, search and research. Meditate on Proverbs 2:1-11 and “listen, pay attention, “cry out” for [Hebrew za’ag, not a normal volume]; seek, as looking for a treasure” in “Understanding (the wisdom of) the Hand of God“.  “For as believers we walk NOT by sight but by the WORD of God.”  Wait and watch for the results of God’s hand in your life.