“The Child of the Covenant Promise”

Genesis 26:3-5  —  “God’s oath to His Covenant Promise”  –

“…and I will perform the oath which I swore to Abraham your father. And I will make your descendants to multiply as the stars of the heavens, and will give to your posterity all theses lands; and by your Offspring shall all nations of the earth be blessed, or by Him bless themselves. For Abraham listened to and obeyed My voice…”



God “swore” to Abraham an oath in His Covenant Promise; your offspring will multiply, inheritance of land and a SEED that all nations will be blessed. God promised Abraham that He would do His part and Abraham would have to do his part. “For Abraham listened to and obeyed…” Verse 5.  The conditions today haven’t change in  our relationship with God. Nor the words that we might have said in our vows during The Marriage Covenant; ‘honor and obey’. God has his part and we have our parts to do; “listen and obey” the Word of God.

In the Marriage Covenant, the love relationship will be stretched and tested over time. Remember, Satan will try to prevent you from having a “covenant attitude“. Selfishness is the usual devise the enemy uses in the “testing” of our marriages (I Peter 3:1-2; 3:7). This is where the “listening and obeying” comes in to play. “BUT I am tired of doing ALL the listening and submitting”.  That is “selfishness“, plain and simple. Remember this about “forgiveness” in your covenant attitude. It is called,  for-give-ness  and not,  for-SALE-ness! It is all about your “giving” in the relationship of Covenant. If you do your part, your partner in the covenant will do their part. It’s never a 50/50 percent giving. It is a 100/100 percent giving for both involve. That same principle shoud be in our relationship with our Heavenly Father.

“The Child…”

Genesis 22:1 says, “AFTER THESE events, God tested and proved Abraham and said to him, Abraham! And he said, Here I am.”

The engineer may know full well that his design will stand the stress and strain to which it is subjected, because he knows it has been designed properly. Nevertheless, the construction specifications will require that it be tested–not to assure the engineer, but to assure the public, that it will stand.”  Henry M. Morris, “The Genesis Record”.

Every relationship goes thru periods of “testing” and “proving”.  Jesus, for example, was “tested and proved”, but this does not mean He could have sinned. He was “proved”, or “approved,” so everyone could see that, in spite of the greatest tests to which He could possibly be subjected. He would stand spotless and blameless. When people ask Dianne and I how long we have been married, we both smile and say, “forty-seven years”. It is amzing to see others reactionin the world. “WOW! 47 years. What do you attribute that too?” Is our marriage “spotless and blameless”? Absoulutely…NOT. Have we been “tested” and “proved”?  Absoulutely…YES!

So it was with Abraham. Because of their relationship, God knew what Abraham would do; but Abraham and Sarah, and all around them must know, that the Lord Himself meant more to Abraham than even Isaac did; “The Child of the Covenant Promise”. TRUSTING“, “KNOWING“, “PROVING” are all included in The Marriage Covenant. These items might not be listed on a document, as in a “contract” , but the truth is available in God’s Word. So that “your knower knows, that you know, that you know”!

In verse 2, I discovered in my research that there is a word mentioned for the first time in the Bible. The word, in many ways is the most important word in the Bible and the most important word in The Marriage Covenant as well as God’s Covenant for us, as believers in His Son Jesus.

Genesis 22:2,  “[God] said, Take now your son, your only son Isaac, whom you LOVE…”

LOVE is the greatest of gifts in the “Marriage Covenant” (I Corinthians 13:13) and, God Himself is LOVE (I John 4:8). Bible scholars have come up with a principle in their doing detective work in scripture. They call it, “principle of first mention”. It’s where an important word or concept occurs for the first time in the Bible, usually in the Book of Genesis. The context in which it occurs sets a pattern for usage and development all thru the rest of Scripture. If we are going to take this principle seriously, then it should apply specifically to the word “love”.

With this in mind, I found it strange, the “love” is first mentioned, not in connection with the love of a man for his wife, of a mother for her children, of brotherly love, of love of country, or even of a man’s love for God. Instead, it is used of the love of a father for his son. “Take now your son, your only son…whom you LOVE…”  All of this might seem like a mystery until it is realized that in Abraham and Isaac, God is giving us a beautiful picture of God the Father and God the Son. Isaac, “the child of the covenant promise” is a type of Christ and is confirmed by Galatians 3:16, and that the experience of Abraham and Isaac on Mount Moriah is a type of offering of Christ on Mount Calvary is confirmed by the terminology in Hebrews 11:17-19. JESUS is “The Child of the Covenant Promise.”

This first mention of  love” in Scripture, therefore, calls attention to the fact that the love of a godly father for his son is a miniature picture of the love existing among persons of the Holy Trinity, and in particular the love of the Father for the Son. This love existed long before the world was created, from eternity past (John 17:24). Therefore, this love must be the root and foundation of all other types of love. The love of man and woman, the love of a mother for a child—ALL LOVE—has its source in God’s love.

In a CONTRACT, there can be a lot of fine print. We know if we don’t look closely into the small details, we could lose or gain everything in a court of Law. By the signature of your name, any wealth or prosperity that is tied to the contract becomes valid by the signature of your name and a signature of the agreeing party.  Later, if things don’t work out for either party, they may go to court and have the contract nullified.

In The Covenant Promise, there is also a lot of fine print [unless you have a Bible in Large Print].  “Know and understand that it is [really] the people [who live] by faith who are [the true] sons of Abraham.”  Galatians 3:7.  The LOVE detail in Covenant is written for you in Galatians 2:20:  “I have been crucified with christ [in Him I have share His crucifixion]; it is no longer I who live, but Christ (the Messiah) lives in me; and life I now live in the body I live by faith in (by adherence to and reliance on and complete trust in) the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me.”  No contract that I have witnessed, adheres to, relies on, or completely trust in anything that has the foundation of LOVE and Giving one’s self up for … That foundation  can only apply in a Covenant Relationship or Partnership. With God first, then to your spouse. Marriage should always be in Covenant. Contracts can be amended and terminated. Thus, the divorce rate in this country continues to rise, including the church membership.

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