Communion and the Passover Connection

Our church held communion this morning as it does on the first sunday of every month. After returning home and eating lunch, I went to my study and hoped just maybe, Holy Spirit would give me some detective work to start on for next week’s blog. I sat down and started going through old notes I have saved over the years regarding the Word of God. Nothing seemed to stand standout at first until….COMMUNION, PASSOVER, EASTER; that”s it! Since I don’t believe in “happenstance”, I said “thank you Lord” and started looking for clues in the “Communion and the Passover Connection.” What do we understand and what don’t we understand about the two?  Is there a significant connection? Do we need to get knowledge in our understanding about “The Meal that Heals”? That is one of the books I have for evidence gathering by Perry Stone. I will spend most of my detective work in the sixty-six bags of word-seed in my bible. Bags of seed won’t benefit the farmer if he just keeps the bag sitting in his lap. He has to get up and plant the seed in the good earth to harvest the fruit of his labor.  Starting next week, let’s be prepared to receive some seed. Easter is on April 24th this year. Hopefully this will give you insight for the next time you receive communion.


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