The Order of a “Prosperous Life”

Dianne asked me yesterday, if I would help her out hanging wall-paper in our bedroom today. So, I am taking a break in thought and detective work about the investigation of a “Prosperous Life” in the K.O.G.; Kingdom of God.

I was in a weekly men’s bible study a few years ago; we had men dropping in and out of the study at times. One morning, I brought up the subject of  prosperity. I asked the question, “How do you define success?”  You could have heard a pin drop on the carpet. One of our semi-regular attendees replied, “I am tired of hearing that word…PROSPERITY!   Every time I turn on the TV to hear a Pastor speak, he is talking about prosperity. Prosperity in the church, prosperity at our houses. Enough on prosperity and lets talk about something else.” My first thought that came into my head was, I wander if he wants to talk about “poverty” in lieu of “prosperity”. My thought went unspoken.

My next post will start a conversation on the true meaning of a “Prosperous Life”.  A deeper understanding into the Kingdom of God’s way of defining what it means to be successful. Until tomorrow, start digging for evidence on the matter. Open up the 66 bags of Word-Seed that God gave us in the Bible.


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