FAITHFULNESS—An Important Key in Withdrawal

I found myself zoning out in my investigative study on “The Blessing” the other day. Dianne walked into the study and asked, “Do you know how much we have saved up towards our 50th Anniversary Trip?”  We have been putting away each month, a certain amount money for almost two years. This September will be our 47th anniversary, leaving three more years of saving faithfully! When we first started this five-year quest, we decided that if we wanted to do something extravagant and not “penny-pinch”; to be  “FAITHFUL”  in our saving; FAITHFULNESS would bring results.  We would have to be obedient to our commitment of saving. First Corinthians 4:2 says, “Moreover, it is [essentially] required of stewards that a man should be found faithful [proving himself worthy of trust].” Amplified Version.  FAITHFULNESS can be defined as, “doing the things you were told to do in obedience to the word”. A ‘few things first’; ‘many things’ next. I like Dr. Creflo Dollar’s definition of “FAITHFULNESSor “FAITH”.  “It is the practical expression of the confidence in God and in His Word”.  At first, our savings toward the 50th Wedding Anniversary didn’t look like much. But it was a practical expression!  We are going to trust God in our saving towards the trip. Our FAITH has become a discipline with a delayed reward.

Are you faithful in paying your bills?  Are you faithful in cleaning the house?  Are you faithful in taking out the trash? It takes discipline at times. Especially if our check books seem so little.  The old saying goes like this, “You can’t have a mansion unless you have a mansion mentality”. Lets go to God’s Word in our discipline. Matthew 25:14-28.

Jesus has been giving instructions by His words, concerning His returning from Heaven after His death.  He gives a command to them in verse 13, when He says they are to “Watch therefore [give strict attention and be cautious and active], for you know neither the day nor the hour when the Son of Man will come.”   Then starting in verse 14, He begins to paint a picture for them to make more sense and says, “For it is like…”  Have you ever had instructions in a matter and were totally lost? JESUS might have said, Disciples, you look lost so I am going to explain it clearly.” The man is going to take a long journey and decides to TRUST three servants with the stewardship of the property. Remember I Corinthian 4:2, the requirement of being a STEWARD?  They must prove themselves worthy of trust [Amplified Version]. Now the man gives the three servants different sums of money to start out with. One, he gave about $5000.00. The second servant, about $2000.oo and finally the third servant, about $1000.00.  Why different amounts? Verse 15 says he gave “to each in proportion to his own personal ability.” The property owner gave each servant “a few small things”.  The lesson is beginning to take shape regarding the R.O.I. [return on  investment]. Will the just “a few things” be turn into the “many things”? Look at how the servants responded to their Master’s trust, in verses 16-18.  Five talents became ten talents with the first servant. Two talents became four talents and finally…one talent became…one talent! Here is where excuses and explanations come into play. “Those other two guys had more money to deal with” or “they were more experienced” or “they had more time for increase”. Remember the money was given to them based on their “own personal ability”. Verse 19 says, “Now after a long time…” We don’t know what it means, “a long time”. We do know that each servant had the same time to do with what was given.  Verse 23 next gives us an understanding of those who were being FAITHFUL.

“…Well done, you upright (honorable, admirable) and faithful servant! You have been FAITHFUL and TRUSTWORTHY over little: I will put you in charge of much…”  and in verse 28 we see the “few things”, over “a long time” turn into “many things”. EXCEPT… for the one servant, who had put the money entrusted to him in an old coffee can. His unfaithfulness left him with NOTHING! He couldn’t make a withdrawal from the blessing given. Why did he squander an opportunity to see the glory? Look at verse 25:

“So I was afraid, and I went and hid your talent in the ground…”

If you are afraid, God can’t depend on you; FEAR is the FAITH of the devil. You or I can’t be a FAITHFUL STEWARD if we walk in FEAR. What the unfaithful servant had left in the can was NOTHING! It was given to the FAITHFUL and the withdrawal was blocked from the blessing. Our UNFAITHFULNESS becomes a “blocker” to the withdrawal of the blessing.

Tomorrow we will next look at the next KEY in Withdrawal.  “PURITYThe Gateway to the Flow of the Blessing“. Lets put on our detective hats in start looking at the facts.

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