Soil Preparation for Planting Good Seed

Since we have been discussing the importance of  “seedtime and harvest”,  and being a Word Detective, I thought it best to physically prowl my garden beds early in the morning.  Being in the winter, the seed beds are dormant.  The soil has been heaved upward because of the frozen ground below.  I tried to scrape  the dirt, with the side of my shoe, without success and decided that the ground was not penetrative enough.  When I returned to the warmth of the house, I pulled a large Webster’s Dictionary from the shelf next to my desk.  It was time for some detective work.  I turned to the word cultivation.  Why THAT word?  Because I have learned by my gardening experience, that soil preparation or cultivation is critical to the prosperity of  seed production.

CULTIVATE,  “to prepare or till the land in order to raise a crop;  to promote or improve the growth of (a plant, or crop or SEEDS) by labor and attention.”

Before we can plant a Word SEED in the ground (our hearts), using the Webster’s definition, we should CULTIVATE;   “till, promote or improve, give the soil labor and attention”.  How can we then apply these practices of planting the right seeds of God’s Word?  Lets grab our bibles and look at some clues.  Joshua 1:8 is my first clue.  It says, This Book of the Law [God’s word] shall not depart out of your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, that you may observe and do according to all that is written in it.  For then you shall make your way prosperous [successful, fruitful], and then you shall deal wisely and have good success.”  In further investigation, I found out that this is the only place in the early English versions where the word “success” is found.  With this bible verse in Joshua, I noticed three methods of heart preparation for the Word Seed.  In yesterdays detective work we found out about the importance of choosing the right seed.  The seed of FEAR  and LOVE.   Now we will look together at the importance of  good soil.  With the right seed, good soil and proper light will experience abundance of fruit.

1.  Meditate on it.  How often?  “day and night”.  Does that mean I have to read God’s Word ALL day and ALL night?  NO, it means that your thought process should be concentrated on His Word at ALL times.  Although, it seems like some of us think about other things day and night.  You might know what those could be.

2.  Observe.  Roger’s Thesaurus says observance means, “attention, keeping, acknowledgment, adherence, compliance, obedience, etc.”  Now apply these nouns to God’s instructions on cultivating His Word.

3.  Do.  There is more to preparing the soil than meditating and observation.  As Nike’s slogan advertises, “Just DO IT!”

Lately, I have been reading in the Book of Psalms.  The contents of that bag of seed is unlimited.  In Psalm 119, I found seed planting advice everywhere.  VERSE 2 says, “Blessed are they who KEEP His testimonies, and who SEEK, INQUIRE for and of Him and CRAVE Him with the WHOLE HEART.”  VERSE 10  “With my whole heart have I SOUGHT YOU, INQUIRING FOR and of You and YEARNING FOR You; Oh, let me not wonder or step aside [either in ignorance or willfully] from You Commandments (Your Word).”  VERSE 11 says,  “Your word have I LAID UP IN MY HEART, that I might not sin against You.”  See if you can be a detective by writing out some further verses in Psalm 119.  This will help you in the Soil Preparation for Planting Good Seed.