The Opening

Last week, I talked about the possibility of another locked box.  It  too had a sign but unlike the first box, the sign was engraved on the top of the box instead of its side.  I  brush away some dust and rust to read it clearly but the words were there!  It read, “THE SPIRIT OF FEAR”.  After second thoughts, I decided there was no need to even open the lock.  That would be opening Pandora’s  box.

Well, I was distracted long enough and slowly opened the last lock.  I turned the box on its side to read the sign, making sure I had the right box.  Sure enough, it read CONFIDENCE AND TRUST.  The hinges creaked as I slowly opened the lid. A light began to glow from within the box as I peered inside. “What kind of  gems or jewels  are streaming forth light from within?”  The Apostle Paul tells us what the mystery is and the secret has been there all the time.   2 Timothy 1:10 says,  “[It is that purpose and grace] which He now has made known and fully disclosed and made real [to us] through the appearing of our Savior Christ Jesus, Who annulled death and made it of no effect and brought life and immortality (immunity from eternal death) to…”  (the glow from within the box)  “to LIGHT through the Gospel.”  The TREASURE  is revealed from the God’s box.  It’s the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST, the WORD OF GOD!  All the keys we’ve used on our treasure hunt unlocked the source of a ‘sound and well-balanced mind.  They will all open the lid of confidence to spread the good news of your treasure box, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Did you find yourself as a Truth Seeker on this adventure.  When writing all of this, I found myself thinking I was a biblical Indiana Jones or Jack Sparrow.  I even use this TREASURE HUNT as an idea in writing a play. It was entitled “THE  H.M.S. GLORY”.  The Gospel presented on the high seas, pirates, Sea Captain and adventure.  If you are interested in doing a stage production of it, I would be happy to send you a copy of my play (theworddetective@google).